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Catch the Bengal Wave: Where Tradition Meets Innovation, Business Thrives!

In a resounding declaration of confidence, entrepreneurs in Bengal are debunking misconceptions surrounding the state’s business landscape. At Infocom 2023, the flagship event of the ABP Group, seasoned and emerging business leaders converged to underscore the burgeoning growth prospects in Bengal and India at large.

Rudra Chatterjee, Managing Director of Luxmi Group, dispelled the notion that Bengalis face hurdles in the business arena. Acknowledging historical challenges as temporary, Chatterjee emphasized the transformative potential of the region. He prophesied that India, propelled by the eastern states, would emerge as the fastest-growing country in the next few decades. The growth trajectory of Bengal, Assam, and the northeastern states surpasses the national average, affirming the untapped potential in the east.

During the session themed ‘Bengal & Business: Opportunities & Challenges,’ moderated by Sucharita Basu, Managing Partner of Aquilaw and Chairperson of CII West Bengal State Council, Chatterjee stressed the need for businesses to adapt to technological shifts. Reimagining and repurposing strategies are essential to meet the evolving demands of the time. In addition to talent and creativity, he underscored the importance of confidence in navigating the business landscape.

Basu shared her firsthand experience, extolling Bengal as the ideal platform for her law firm’s growth. Established business houses in Bengal, she noted, express exemplary satisfaction with the state’s conducive business environment.

Prithish Chowdhary, the next-generation entrepreneur at Titagarh Rail Systems Limited, highlighted the evolving opportunities in Bengal. Having returned from abroad, he affirmed India’s unparalleled potential for growth, asserting that Bengal is his unequivocal home. Chowdhary emphasized the influx of skilled engineers returning to Bengal, drawn by the expanding opportunities created by innovative companies like his own.

Sagar Daryani, CEO of Wow! Momo, celebrated Bengal’s robust human resource as the cornerstone of his company’s success. Despite facing questions from investors about relocating, Daryani reiterated the strength of Bengal’s hardworking populace. Operating in 32 cities with over 670 stores and 6,000 employees, Wow! Momo stands as a testament to the thriving entrepreneurial spirit in Bengal. Daryani also highlighted the changing investor perception of startups originating from Bengal, citing Manyavar’s blockbuster IPO as a significant milestone.

Prashant Sharma, MD of Charnock Hospital and SKM Group, illuminated the untapped potential in the healthcare sector. Bengal and Kolkata, he noted, not only cater to their own needs but also serve neighboring states and countries. Sharma emphasized the need to discard preconceived notions and invest in infrastructure to unlock the immense market potential in the healthcare industry.

Despite existing challenges, the consensus among entrepreneurs is that Bengal is experiencing a renaissance in business. The state’s trajectory is marked by innovation, skilled workforce resurgence, and a changing perception among investors. As the eastern region propels India into an era of unprecedented growth, Bengal stands at the forefront, inviting businesses to be part of its transformative journey.

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