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In the realm of technology, printers often emerge as complex contraptions that occasionally betray us with unexpected glitches.

Picture this: You stand before a printer, eyes closed, taking a deep breath, and unleashing a cascade of frustration. Printers, more often than not, bring out the worst in us. However, nestled among them is an exception – the Canon PIXMA G3770.

This printer, despite its mouthful of a name, stands out as one of the least bothersome printing companions I’ve encountered in a while. Its simplicity shines through in its straightforward setup, robust Wi-Fi capabilities, and well-designed hardware. The icing on the cake: seamless printing directly from an iPhone. As an all-in-one marvel, it effortlessly handles printing, scanning, and copying tasks with remarkable speed.

Canon Pixma G3770

In essence, the Canon PIXMA G3770 is a wireless refillable ink tank printer, a three-in-one marvel sporting a 3.4cm LCD screen for intuitive device operation. With the ability to print, scan, and copy, this printer takes user-friendly functionality to the next level. Let’s delve into the details, starting with the noteworthy ink system.

Being a tank printer, refilling becomes a breeze. The ink bottles, tailored for Canon printers, fit snugly into designated ink tanks, eliminating the risk of mixing accidents. During my few weeks of interaction with the printer, the ink tank showed no signs of running dry a testament to its efficiency.

One common gripe with HP inkjet printers is the time taken for the initial copy after startup. The Canon PIXMA G3770, on the other hand, impresses with its rapid and seamless performance. I seamlessly connected the printer to a Windows laptop and printed via Wi-Fi from my iPhone, experiencing commendable results. If I were to nitpick, it’s time for the connecting cable to transition from USB-A to USB-C.

Canon Pixma G3770
Canon Pixma G3770
Canon Pixma G3770

Smooth Operator: Swift Performance and High-Quality Prints

Canon boasts that the ink bottles can churn out up to 6,000 pages in mono and 7,700 pages in color – a suitable match for both home and small-office printing needs. Whether it’s school projects or office documents, this printer delivers. The maximum print speed clocks in at 11 pages per minute for black-and-white and six color pages.

Installation, often a stumbling block, proved to be a breeze. Canon suggested connecting with the service center, but why bother during a review? Unpacking and filling the ink tanks took a mere five minutes, with an additional five minutes for Wi-Fi setup. Surprisingly, connecting to Wi-Fi, notorious for its time-consuming nature, took me a mere three minutes after downloading the app – a delightful surprise.

The 3.4cm LCD screen, though effective, leans toward the tiny side. Despite considering myself to have the eyesight of a 20-year-old, occasional squints were required for precision.


Canon Pixma G3770

To Buy or Not to Buy: Canon PIXMA G3770’s Verdict

Protected by a dust-proof cover, the paper slot ensures smooth operations without sensor havoc. Compact and well-fitted for most spaces, the printer raises questions about the availability of replacement toner cartridges offline – a query I couldn’t definitively answer.

While I didn’t have the opportunity for an extensive clogging review, past experiences with Canon printers suggest it shouldn’t be a concern. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that not every task requires a printed copy, a lesson learned during the pandemic.

In the grand scheme of things, the Canon PIXMA G3770 stands out for its ergonomic design, outshining its competitors. A beacon of simplicity in setup, this printer exemplifies efficiency with a touch of elegance. In the evolving landscape of technology, the PIXMA G3770 is a testament to Canon’s commitment to user-friendly and well-designed printing solutions. So, if you seek a hassle-free printing companion, the Canon PIXMA G3770 is more than up for the task – where simplicity meets sophistication.

Canon Pixma G3770
Canon Pixma G3770
Canon Pixma G3770

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