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When the MacBook Air with Apple’s M1 chip was first introduced, it marked the beginning of a revolution. The momentum only continues with the arrival of the M2 MacBook Air, making it a dream machine for students. Gone are the days of bulky bezels; this device offers a sleek, smarter design. The screen is not only larger but also taller, thanks to the addition of the notch. Plus, the 1080p webcam ensures high-quality video calls.

With the taller screen, you’ll find it easier to manage your tasks even with the default display scaling. For students, this is the must-have device for the festive season. Apple has even released its first ‘Study with Me’ video, featuring the talented and Emmy-nominated Storm Reid, a junior at the University of Southern California (USC) pursuing a degree in dramatic arts with a minor in African American studies.

The video highlights the effectiveness of studying with the 15-inch MacBook Air with the powerful M2 chip. It’s the nearly perfect tool for students, free from unnecessary gimmicks like touch-sensitive function keys and noisy fans. In the video, Storm employs the Pomodoro Technique for her study sessions, which consists of 25 minutes of focused work followed by 5 minutes of rest. The breaks are enhanced with elements of magical realism and feature a catchy Afrobeats single by Mr. Eazi, ‘Fefe Ne Fefe.’


The M2 chip outperforms its predecessor, making tasks like Lightroom exports and short video editing a breeze, while other laptops for students might struggle. Remarkably, the MacBook Air M2 remains cool even without a fan. Whether you’re creating short videos with LUTs or tackling daily tasks, the keyboard is comfortable and efficient, allowing you to work effortlessly.

What’s more, the MacBook Air M2 comes with a valuable addition – MagSafe cable. College students often experience the mishap of tripping over a cable, causing their laptop to fall. With MagSafe, the cable connects magnetically, so if you trip, it will disconnect automatically, saving your laptop from a tumble.

Storm Reid, a junior at the University of Southern California, emphasized the importance of work-life balance and shared her affinity for the Pomodoro technique in the video. She believes it’s a critical self-care tool. As she faces midterm exams, she hopes her fellow students will find this method as beneficial as she does.

Weighing just 3.3 pounds, the MacBook Air boasts a high-resolution Liquid Retina display that’s not only stunning but also provides ample space for work and play. And with enough battery life to power through an all-night study session, it’s the ultimate companion for students.

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