Sugar Palm Fritters / Taaler Bora

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Sugar Palm Fritters or Taaler Bora is a famous Bengali sweet delicacy prepared mainly during the rainy season due to the availability of taal around this time.

This special dish is also a mandatory part of Janmashtami Bhog as it’s one of the favourite items of Shree Krishna. 

According to our ancestors, Shree Krishna loves sugar palms. Hence, taler bora, taler kheer and a few other taaler pitha is prepared and served to Him as Bhog.
The fritters have the perfect outer crisp and are tender from the centre with a sweet taste and the amazing flavour of sugar palm and coconut.

Taaler Bora


● Taal / Sugar Palm

● Grated Coconut

● Rice flour

● Semolina (optional)

● Sugar / Jaggery


Extracting the pulp –

1. Wash Tal thoroughly and remove the crown of the fruit by pressing inwardly and removing the outer black skin from the Fruit.

2. Now separate the fibrous Kernels (seeds) by pressing softly.

3. Take some water in a bowl to sprinkle over the kernels; you may need it while separating the Juice from the kernel of Tal.

4. Grate the fibrous kernels one by one and you will get the juice separated from the fibre.

Making the batter & frying the Bora –

1. Take the Juice extracted from Ripe Tal in a wok and start cooking the Juice on a medium

flame for around 5-7 minutes or until the Juice changes the color a bit and thickens to the consistency of condensed milk.

2. Switch the flame off and wait to leave it for around 5 minutes to allow the Juice to cool down a bit.

3. Now add Rice Flour and Semolina (optional) and mix thoroughly.

4. Add Grated Coconut and again give the mixture a good stir.

5. Finally, add Sugar / Jaggery to the mixture and mix properly.

6. The batter is now ready for frying.

7. Keep a small cup of Wheat Flour handy in case you find the batter runny while making the fritters. You can add extra flour to make the batter a bit thick.

8. Heat sufficient oil in a Deep bottom Pan for deep frying the fritters.

9. Using your hand or a spoon and pour 1 Tbsp. batter in the oil to make Taler Bora.

10. In medium flame, fry around 10-15 Taler Bora at one go depending on the size of the pan for around 5 minutes or until the fritters turn deep brown in colour.

Taaler Bora

Sugar palm is known by different names in different subcontinents. It is also called Toddy palm, Cambodian palm, Asian Palmyra etc. In Bengali, it’s known as tal, in Telugu it’s gomuti, in Tamil it’s nungu.

Taaler bora is the most anticipating and relishing recipes for the Bengalis which they wait for the whole year.

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