Samsung Has An AI-Powered App That May Transform The way We Manage Diets

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Samsung has a large presence in kitchens because of its smart refrigerator and other appliances.
So, the launch of Samsung Food, a “personalised, AI-powered food and recipe”
‘ app, is a logical step forward.
Coming to over 104 countries, the app is based on Whisk, which the Samsung Next division acquired in 2019.
The app has an extensive recipe base from around the world and you can scan through it to make weekly eating plans.
In fact, there are over 160,000 recipes for launch and the figure will only increase in the coming days. Samsung Food can be run on mobile phones and Samsung Family Hub smart appliances like refrigerators, while allowing users to manage ingredients, shopping, and so on.
For example, use the app to scan tuna and basil and it will come up with a large number of recipes that involve those ingredients. It doesn’t stop there.
The app analyses recipes, standardises their format and organises them to create shopping lists based on their ingredients.
The Personalise Recipe function enables the app’s Food AI to directly change a saved recipe to reflect users’ dietary requirements. For example, users can convert a recipe into a vegan or vegetarian version or make other changes to create a recipe that is more nutritionally balanced or incorporates in-stock ingredients. Users will even be able to create fusion recipes, such as Korean versions of Italian dishes, and adjust cook time or skill level of recipes.
The app makes Al-created recommendations based on user data, dietary preferences and favourite cuisine types and lets users add them to their meal planner. At any point you can ask for nutritional breakdowns of ingredients, and users can add items to their Samsung Food shopping list and then send it straight to a retailer’s e commerce checkout.

Samsung AI Power Food App

Samsung Food connects through SmartThings, Samsung’s smart home platform, to send cooking directions to the Samsung-connected oven to preheat it and adjust the device’s temperatures during the cook cycle.
At launch, Samsung Food works with the Samsung Bespoke wall tr+ the list is being expanded numerous appliances.
The company is able to achieve all of this partially because it is a founding member of the Home Connectivity Alliance, a group working to make major appliances from different manufacturers interoperable.
With an app like this, meal planning will become easy, versatile and inexpensive. If it takes a couple of hours every week to prepare meals for the family and then go shopping for groceries, that figure can be cut down with Samsung Food.
The company has said that by the end of the year, it plans to offer Samsung Health integration with Samsung Food so that users will be able to receive suggestions for diet management.
The syncing of information such as BMI, body composition and calorie consumption with Samsung Food will help users hit health goals and maintain a balanced diet.
Further, planned for implementation in 2024, Vision AI technology will allow Samsung Food to recognise food items and meals photographed through the camera and provide details about them, including nutrition information.

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