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Recently, we had a chance to play around with the Asus ROG Ally, which is one of the best handheld gaming PCs at the moment. The device is part of Asus’ Republic of Gamers line of products. Since it has Windows 11 – unlike the Linux-based SteamOS on Steam Deck – there is a wide range of possibilities, playing games from Steam to the Epic Game Store to Xbox Game Pass.
With the review unit, Asus had sent ROG XG Mobile external GPU, which deserves a closer look. You can pair it with Asus devices that come with the XG Mobile port, like on Asus ROG Flow Z13 laptop or ROG Ally.
The Ally runs full HD at 120Hz and a closer look at its specs reveals quite a power monster. You get the machine with the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme with 512 gigabytes of PCIe Gen 4 SSD storage. So that’s eight cores and 16 threads. Making things even better is the 16 gigabytes of 6,400 megahertz, LPDDR5 RAM, and you can also expand the storage via the micro SD card slot on the top.
The brain of the ROG Ally is powerful. In the Cinebench R23 test, at 30W mode the ROG Ally scores around 1,800 points in single-core and around 15,000 in multi-core.

ROG XG Mobile external

This places the portable processor in the same performance category as the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X. But here we’re talking about 30W consumption, compared to the 100-plus on the desktop processor. The processor in the ROG Ally has just about everything it needs to handle gaming.
The only major hurdle in the way of high frames per second is the graphics card. The solution integrated into this chip is the Radeon 780M. Just imagine how this configuration can perform with something like an RTX 3080 instead of the integrated Radeon or even better, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX

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