Redmi Watch 3 Active

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Redmi Watch 3 Active Makes Excellent Use of Widgets

Redmi Watch 3 Active Is A Looker With An Impressive Set Of Features
Redmi Watch Active 3


The interface has most of the things you will need on the move. Swipe down for notification alerts or swipe up to access the toggles. You can change screen-on time (we suggest you keep it low to get maximum battery life), raise to wake, cover to sleep, layout and so on. In the menu, there are several options-workouts, heart rate, stats, Sp02, sleep tracking, stress tracking, Bluetooth calling and plenty more. One of the features you may enjoy is the ability to make phone calls from the watch. Visit Calls in the menu and tap on the dialer. After the call is done, you can disconnect from the watch itself. You can also receive phone calls. There is the ability to mute the microphone and control the volume from the watch. The speaker can get loud enough even outdoors, depending on the environment. The background noise cancellation is high. Next, I want Redmi to add a feature to allow replies to messages (at the moment you can read them).

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