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When we talk about Android tablets, the conversation is usually around Samsung though Xiaomi, Lenovo and Realme too have some impressive options. Recently, we had an opportunity to review the Lenovo Tab P12, which comes with a massive display and all the tech chops you can think of in a midrange tablet.
The big feature here is the 12.7-inch high-resolution display. The midrange tablet is about turning in a solid performance with an optional stylus and keyboard cover. As a competitor, there is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE, though it’s slightly more expensive.
The tablet has a high-quality look and feel, thanks to the metal body.
Slim and lightweight, it does not have a headphone jack but there is a slot for a micro SD card. The power button has a built-in fingerprint reader.
You can record full HD video using the main camera while 4K videos are possible with the front-facing camera. The 13MP front camera packs in more resolution than the 8MP snapper at the back.


The 12.7-inch LTPS LCD screen comes with 2944×1840 pixels, meaning the resolution is high, making text appear sharper than on most rival tablets. It comes with blue light filtering and reading mode if you are going to use the tablet for long hours. You can also set the colour temperature to be warm or cold. Don’t expect the contrast that one can get on an OLED display but the screen on this one is not bad. With an LCD screen, the blacks are not as inky as on an OLED panel. But if you watch a lot of movies, you will be surprised by the cinematic quality of the Lenovo screen.
It’s a standard 60Hz display but there is not much of a jelly-like effect while scrolling, especially if you are used to working on 60Hz screens. In case you want a higher refresh rate, try the P12 Pro. The bezels are skinny yet just about enough to grip the tablet without experiencing accidental screen touches.
The quad speakers (from JBL)
on the tablet have been upgraded substantially over the previous generation. The bass is stronger and the overall sound profile is clear and effective. It complements the large display. It is certainly loud enough when you max out the volume.


The Lenovo Tab Pen Plus (optional) helps to take performance a notch higher. It’s made of plastic and there is a USB-C port for charging.
The stylus sticks to the back of the tablet magnetically but for charging you have to connect it to a USB-C port. The stylus comes close to the S Pen; it’s a good accessory for drawing as well as taking down notes. Lenovo has preloaded some software for the stylus, all of them work well. The stylus can also be used to magnify the matter that is on screen as well as for taking and cropping screenshots.
The tablet is powered by Media Tek Dimensity 7050 octa-core processor. The review unit has 8GB RAM, which speeds up everyday work. The CPU performance is close to what you get on the Galaxy Tab S7 FE. Though it’s not a high-end gaming tablet, you can play almost every game but not at higher resolutions. If you need to do a lot of office work, choose the 8GB RAM variety for easy multitasking.


You can buy an optional keyboard cover, which is standard but we didn’t get a chance to use it.
Out of the box, the tablet runs on Android 13. Going by past performance, Lenovo offers a steady stream of upgrades. The taskbar is pretty useful, allowing you to open two apps side by side.
Further, you can put a third or fourth one on top of those apps.
Lenovo has gone with a standard Android feel without unnecessary apps coming preloaded. There is promise of long-term security upgrades.


In terms of battery life, it’s standard. Besides working on a few apps, you can expect around six hours if you watch a lot of YouTube at high brightness. Overall, the performance is pretty good and Lenovo Tab P12 is perfect as an entertainment tablet.

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