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IQOO 12 - Unleashing Velocity and Innovation: A Smartphone Beyond Boundaries!

In a departure from the traditional December lull, tech enthusiasts find themselves captivated by the speed and promises embedded in the IQOO 12, a smartphone ushering in a new era. Breaking away from the standard tech cycle, IQOO has unleashed a powerhouse featuring the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and proudly debuting Android 14 straight out of the box, a remarkable feat in the Indian market. With a commitment to continuous innovation, IQOO pledges three years of software updates and an impressive four years of security updates.

Sleek Design, Immersive Display:

IQOO’s reputation for delivering swift smartphones is further solidified with the IQOO 12. The device boasts a dazzling 6.78-inch 144Hz LTPO AMOLED display, offering a visually immersive experience. The sleek design, complete with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame and a flat display, exudes premium quality. The back panel, adorned with porcelain enamel glass, introduces a touch of elegance, especially in the stylish white variant that adeptly conceals fingerprints and smudges.

iQOO 12

Processing Power and Interface Smoothness:

The device’s setup reveals an interface so smooth it catches the eye instantly. FunTouch OS 14 enhances the user experience, reducing unnecessary notifications and offering a premium feel. Customization options for the lock screen, diverse font styles, and a cleaner quick-setting toggle contribute to the sophisticated appeal. With an impressive display resolution of 1260 x 2800, the visuals are sharp, ensuring every detail is a visual treat. LTPO support allows for a variable refresh rate, reaching up to an impressive 3,000 nits of peak brightness, complemented by a stereo speaker setup for an excellent soundstage.

Processing Prowess and Gaming Brilliance:

The spotlight is on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform, designed on a 4nm architecture, ensuring swift performance. With a hefty 16GB of RAM in the review unit, the device delivers impressive Geekbench scores even in standard mode. The addition of the SuperComputing chip Q1 facilitates game frame interpolation of 144FPS in supported games, ensuring a seamless gaming experience. The large cooling chamber effectively maintains temperature control during extended gaming sessions, and with 120W of fast charging support, battery concerns become a thing of the past.

Camera Excellence and Potential:

Equipped with a 50MP primary shooter, a 50MP ultra-wide camera, and a 64MP telephoto camera, the IQOO 12 excels in the photography department. The main camera captures detailed and dynamic 12.5MP photos with natural colors, and low-light photography showcases solid noise reduction and vivid color saturation. While 4K videos from the main camera are commendable, the device’s ability to shoot 8K@30fps and support 4K night-mode video hints at its robust camera capabilities. The telephoto lens performs admirably even at higher zoom levels, promising detailed shots.

iQOO 12

A Glimpse into the Future:

While a comprehensive camera system review is pending, the IQOO 12 has set its sights on being the fastest Android phone currently available. Packed with promises and an array of powerful features, it positions itself as a compelling option for those seeking top-tier performance. As pricing details were unavailable at the time of print, the anticipation for IQOO 12’s market entry only adds to the excitement.

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