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Introducing the Harmonious Revolution: Apple Music Classical Enchants iPad Users

In a symphonic revelation for classical music enthusiasts, Apple Music Classical has gracefully made its debut on the iPad. Although not brimming with groundbreaking features, the sheer joy of navigating through this app on the iPad transforms the music listening experience into a captivating endeavor, fulfilling a long-standing demand among users.

At the heart of this musical odyssey lies the access to the world’s largest classical music catalogue, a treasure trove that unfolds its melodic wonders through exploration by composer, work, conductor, and more. Delving into the depths of this harmonious realm, users are greeted with an array of search options, from composers and periods to instruments, curated playlists, and insightful composer biographies.

Apple Music Classical, a fruition of Apple’s acquisition of Primephonic in 2021, aims to address the intricate challenge of handling complex metadata associated with classical music. The app’s expansive catalogue boasts over five million tracks, allowing aficionados to indulge in streaming music at up to 192 kHz/24-bit hi-res lossless quality.

In a recent conversation with Apple CEO Tim Cook, t2 sought insights into the significance of the app, considering Apple’s unwavering commitment to music. Cook expressed, “I’m getting so many notes about Classical and from people that said that they finally have a place for them. The big unlock for us was realizing that you could never combine the music and classical music together in one service, that you needed a separate app. And that was a huge unlock. I’m just getting tons of favorable feedback.”

Renowned sitar maestro Purbayan Chatterjee also shared his thoughts on the importance of such apps, emphasizing how innovative approaches within the traditional music framework can be both challenging and engaging. He remarked, “The way innovative masters try to push boundaries within the parameters of traditional music is in itself very, very challenging, engaging, and if the processes are somewhat demystified, it might help understand and enjoy the music better. I strive towards developing a test for this kind of music which is improvisational and made in the moment. The vehicles that you have mentioned in the question are very potent vehicles, so whether it be a podcast or an app, I believe that the end will justify the means.”

Unlock the Rhapsody: Apple Music Classical, Now Enchanting iPads
Experience the crescendo of classical music like never before with Apple Music Classical – now harmonizing seamlessly with your iPad.

Elevate Your Symphony: Apple Music Classical Plays Its Overture on iPad
Embark on a musical journey beyond bounds as Apple Music Classical takes center stage on your iPad, offering a symphony of sounds and a gateway to a five-million-track classical treasure.

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