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AI Concerns Arise Following Collins Dictionary's Selection of 'AI' as Word of the Year

In light of Collins Dictionary’s recent declaration that ‘AI’ is the Word of the Year, there is growing unease around the use of artificial intelligence. While ChatGPT initially contributed to discussions about AI, its role has evolved over time.

According to Collins’ managing director, Alex Beecroft, AI has rapidly integrated into our daily lives, much like email, streaming, or other once-futuristic technologies. The current landscape surrounding AI is complex. Some companies employ it to expedite coding and assist drug companies in discovering new antibiotics, while banks urge caution, and tech giants like Apple and Samsung stress the importance of responsible data input for chatbots. Concerns regarding data misuse by chatbots remain high, especially since the launch of the text generator ChatGPT in November 2022, sparking ongoing debates about its usage.

Collins Dictionary’s lexicographers track language trends through the vast Collins Corpus, which encompasses a wide range of media sources, including social media, to compile their annual list of new and noteworthy words. Beecroft emphasized that AI’s prominence in 2023 has been unquestionable.

The term ‘AI’ was selected from a pool of other notable words, including ‘greedflation’ (the practice of using inflation as a pretext to artificially inflate prices for increased corporate profits) and ‘debanking’ (the act of revoking a person’s access to banking services). Also in the mix is ‘nepo baby,’ referring to the children of celebrities whose careers are believed to benefit from their famous parents.

Celebrities like Oscar-winning actress Jamie Lee Curtis and musician Noel Gallagher have engaged in discussions about ‘nepo baby,’ with Curtis expressing her delight at the personal aspect of such success. Another word on the list is ‘bazball,’ associated with New Zealand cricketer Brendon McCullum, known as Baz, who advocates for aggressive tactics in Test matches during the Ashes series.

Beecroft acknowledged that ‘AI’ had undoubtedly been the prevailing topic of 2023. However, it’s worth noting that tech companies have been implementing AI for years without explicitly referring to it as ‘artificial intelligence.’

So, what’s the fuss about ‘AI’ or ‘artificial insemination’? Notably, legendary singer Cliff Richard recently stated that he hasn’t adopted ‘artificial insemination’ in his work, even though he has contemplated ‘slowing down’ in his career. The ongoing conversation about AI’s impact continues to evolve.

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