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Type in Style: Clicks Creator Keyboard – Elevate Your iPhone Experience!

In an era dominated by touchscreens, Clicks Technology is bringing back the tactile joy of physical keyboards with the Clicks Creator Keyboard designed for the iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. This innovative accessory is making waves by seamlessly merging the convenience of a physical keyboard with the sleek design of the latest iPhones, and it’s now available for delivery in India.

Michael Fisher, co-founder of Clicks Technology and a familiar face in the tech community through his YouTube channel, highlights the paradox of smartphones abandoning physical buttons while keyboards remain an integral part of our daily interactions with desktops, laptops, and tablets. The Clicks Creator Keyboard aims to bridge this gap, offering users a familiar and efficient typing experience right on their iPhones.

Compact in design, the Clicks Creator Keyboard seamlessly attaches to the iPhone, enhancing functionality without compromising aesthetics. The absence of a separate battery is a notable feature, as it connects directly via the Lightning port or USB-C, depending on the iPhone model. Users can rejoice, as the keyboard’s impact on the overall battery life of the iPhone is minimal, and the phone can be charged even when the case is in place.

Clicks Technology’s thoughtful approach to design is evident in the Clicks Creator Keyboard. By incorporating practical features, the accessory not only enhances typing but also optimizes the iPhone’s user interface. The physical keyboard effectively frees up screen space that would typically be occupied by the virtual keyboard, providing users with a more immersive experience.

The Clicks Creator Keyboard introduces user-friendly shortcuts, such as Cod + H to navigate to the home screen, Cmd + Space to launch Search, and a simple tap on Space to scroll through web pages effortlessly. To cater to various environments, the keyboard comes equipped with a backlight for usage in darker settings. Importantly, it is designed to be easily detachable when not in use, ensuring flexibility in adapting to users’ preferences.

Drawing comparisons to Ryan Seacrest’s Typo Keyboard from a decade ago, the Clicks Creator Keyboard pays homage to the evolution of tactile QWERTY keyboards for smartphones. However, Clicks takes it a step further by addressing past design challenges. Unlike Typo, the Clicks Creator Keyboard is seamlessly integrated, sitting at the bottom of the case without covering any part of the screen or device, except for its back and edges.

Available at a starting price of Rs $139, the Clicks Creator Keyboard offers a blend of functionality and style. For Indian customers, there’s an additional $20 shipping charge. This investment not only transforms your iPhone into a productivity powerhouse but also adds a touch of nostalgia for those who appreciate the tactile feel of physical keys.

In a world dominated by touchscreen interfaces, Clicks Technology’s Clicks Creator Keyboard stands out as a testament to the enduring appeal of tactile keyboards. It redefines the iPhone experience by providing a seamless blend of modern design and classic functionality. Elevate your typing game and make a statement with the Clicks Creator Keyboard – where innovation meets tradition!

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