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A popular one pot Chicken dish from Bihar is prepared with marinated chicken cooked in a sealed clay pot or handi with spices.
Champaran Chicken or Ahuna Chicken traditionally comes bubbling in a handi. What is special about this recipe is that chicken is cooked over a slow heat for 40-50 minutes in a sealed clay handi without any stir during the cooking procedure. Another speciality of this dish is that garlic is not chopped or pasted; rather it goes whole into marination and water is not used to soften the chicken pieces because the steam that is produced inside and the water from the chicken allow the meat to cook on its own.
The key thing to remember while making this recipe is that the chicken must be cut in equal sizes to ensure that the chicken is cooked at the same time. Also, traditionally this recipe is cooked in mustard oil.

● Chicken
● Onion
● Garlic (whole)
● Ginger paste
● Whole garam masala
● Turmeric powder
● Red chilli powder
● Bay leaves
● Salt
● Mustard oil

Champaran Chicken

1. In a bowl add chicken and all the above mentioned ingredients.
2. Mix it properly with your hand for a few minutes and keep it aside for 1hour.
3. Add a good amount of mustard oil for the colour and aroma.
4. Fill this mixture in a clay pot/handi.
5. Now cover the handi with its lid and seal it with flour dough.
6. Now, keep the handi on a low flame for about 1hr (for 2kg chicken)
7. Your traditional Champaran Chicken is ready to be served.

It is believed that this one-pot chicken dish originated in a village named Ghorasaran situated near the Indo Nepal border. From there it reached Bihar’s Champaran district. Where the preparation process received a new dimension. And from then onwards the popularity of the dish has spread out to the whole country.

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