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Bengal and Amazon Unite: Pioneering a New Era in Global E-commerce Exports!

In a significant move that aligns with the state’s ambitious goal of doubling exports by the next decade, Amazon India has formalized a memorandum of understanding with the Bengal government to propel e-commerce exports. This groundbreaking initiative, unveiled during the Bengal Global Business Summit in Calcutta, stands as a pivotal step towards fostering economic growth and leveraging the burgeoning potential of e-commerce on a global scale.

Catalyzing Bengal’s Export Ambitions
Bengal’s export figures, currently standing at $13 billion or Rs 1 lakh crore, with a steady CAGR of 6.1%, have set the stage for a transformative collaboration. The memorandum of understanding signifies a strategic partnership that not only supports the state’s economic vision but also resonates with India’s broader foreign trade policy, envisioning $200 billion in e-commerce exports by 2030.

Learning from the National Blueprint
While the national e-commerce export plan is still taking shape, the Bengal government is taking the lead by proactively establishing e-commerce export hubs. This echoes the central policy’s core directive, emphasizing dedicated hubs with advanced warehousing facilities for seamless aggregation, customs clearance, and returns processing. The collaboration with Amazon is poised to draw upon the e-commerce giant’s expertise, aligning with the state’s initiative to set up such hubs.

Logistics Policy and Export Facilitation
The announcement follows closely on the heels of Bengal’s formalization of a logistics policy aimed at facilitating exports. This comprehensive strategy is complemented by the state’s earlier formulation of a new export policy, setting the stage for a holistic approach to boosting exports. Sanjay Budhia, Chairman of the CII National Committee on Exim and International Trade, emphasized Bengal’s standing as a sourcing destination for 197 countries, highlighting the state’s commitment to driving exports through market penetration, product development, and infrastructure enhancement.

Empowering Agriculture with ITC’s MAARS
In a parallel development, the Bengal Global Business Summit saw the formal launch of ITC’s Metamarket for Advanced Agriculture and Rural Services (MAARS). This super app and phygital ecosystem aspire to reach 5 lakh farmers, collaborating with 100 farmer-producer organizations. MAARS offers a range of services, including advisory services, market access, and financial support, providing a comprehensive solution to empower farmers. The focus on Bengal’s potato farmers underscores ITC’s commitment to driving positive change at the grassroots level.

Paving the Way for a Global E-commerce Epoch
This collaboration between Amazon India and the Bengal government marks a strategic alliance at the intersection of technology, trade, and economic development. As the details of the state’s e-commerce export hubs unfold, the partnership promises to propel Bengal into a prominent position in the global e-commerce landscape. With Amazon’s support, the state is poised to set new benchmarks, transforming its export ecosystem and contributing significantly to India’s broader vision for a robust and dynamic economic future.

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